Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your next retreat at Potosi or want a quick review of the items most folks ask about? Check out the info below!

FAQ’s about your visit to Potosi Pines:

I keep seeing “minimum guarantee” regarding booking; what does this mean?

Minimum guarantee refers to the minimum number of guests, and the cost associated with that count, required to book services. This could be for food service, exclusive use of camp, reserving specific buildings, and even programs and activities led by camp staff. To maintain a reservation for booked services, you are responsible for bringing the number of guests to meet these minimums at the full period rate OR paying that minimum, even if you have less guests than the outlined number.

Can meals be tailored to meet special dietary needs?
In most cases (allergies, gluten free, diabetes, etc.) camp can work with dietary restrictions as long as we know ahead of time. That information is due with your final count 2 weeks before your event.

What will the weather be like? Will we be warm enough in winter?
You will want to check your preferred weather app or website before arrival, however, Potosi is typically 10-15 degrees cooler than the temperatures in Downtown Las Vegas. Additionally, a
ll cabins and meeting spaces are heated and will be quite comfortable.

Do I need to bring my own linens, pillows, toiletries, etc.?
Camp does not provide any type of bedding, towels, or toiletries (except a few extra on hand for emergencies), so please plan to bring everything you may need for sleeping and showering.

Can my group do our own cooking?
Unfortunately, camp does not have the appropriate facilities to allow self-cooking for our groups. There are fire pits, but these are not for cooking (except for s’mores, of course!)

Does camp have WiFi and cell service?
Though some cell providers get service at camp, it is spotty and unreliable at best. There is a landline available in a central location for emergencies. WiFi is available in limited areas of camp. The group leader will be given the password, however,
WiFi availability cannot be guaranteed. Camp internet does not have the capacity for downloading or streaming content; please download any resources you may need before you arrive.

But wait; I have more questions!

We encourage you to review the detailed Rate Sheet and Booking Contract Polices for further details about what camp offers. You can all reach us by calling the camp office at (702) 875-1980 or emailing Jessi Persson, Site Director, at

Cancellation Policy

How far from your arrival date you cancel will determine what you may owe (or not owe). Please see this excerpt from the Booking Contract Policies:

Should you find it necessary to cancel, you must call the camp management directly and follow up with an email. For cancellations made by the host due to fire, weather, natural emergency, or other unexpected closures, groups shall be granted a full refund of deposit and any advance fees paid.

Cancellations must be made 6 months or more days in advance of arrival date to receive full refund of fees paid minus a $50 processing fee.

Groups canceling between the following time frames prior to the arrival date will be charged the following:

    • 90-182 days: 25% of the minimum guarantee.
    • 45-89 days: 50% of the minimum guarantee.
    • 44 days – day of: 100% of the minimum guarantee.

Groups booking within the 6-month window will be held to this cancellation policy beginning with receipt of the signed contract. Failure to call/email and cancel your reservation will result in full minimum due charges.